New owners 2017

Store Nyteboda was bought by a group of Danes in February 2017 with the intent of running the house as a self-organized collective and vacation retreat for its owners. 

Former owners:

House of Scrum (or the history of the house as a Scrum house)

The house was originally bought in 2001 to become a project house. Business idea was a project group working in an environment as this would by themselves become hyper productive as they would be free to develop without interference, living together and discussing the development of the product while at the same time enjoying living in a quality environment. The only backlash was that there was no internet but it was suppose to only be a short time before technology would make broadband available.Well, 13 years later this have finally happened and we are happy to announce that there is a 100 MB fiber broadband as of October 2014.

While waiting for a good broadband connection it was decided to rent out the house for family get together, friends get together, etc. This has been going on since we first bought the house in 2001. At the same time, the owner being a Certified Scrum Trainer since 2004, have used the house for different Scrum arrangements.

Some of the Scrum events over the years

2005 CSM class                                                                                                   2006 Agile Friends

2007 Agile Friends                                                                                 2008 Agile Friends

 2009 ScrumFoundation Board Meeting                                                  CampScrum 2008

2009 CSM Class                                                                                   2010 ScrumFoundation Board Meeting

2010 ScrumPLoP                                                                                 2013 CSM Class