Stora Nyteboda is a wonderful, old-fashioned Swedish country home where relaxation is the order of the day. The house is a mere two-hour drive from Copenhagen, immediately adjacent to a splendid forest that has remained untouched for the past 250 years.

Spend a week at Stora Nyteboda! Not only will you relax, you’ll wonder why life has to be so hectic! Day-to-day worries seem less significant in the presence of 30-meter tall trees that for centuries have provided sanctuary for animals large and small.

Stora Nyteboda means Greater Nyteboda. Stora Nyteboda is, as its name suggests, a large house. The house sleeps 26 in its 10 rooms with double beds and two rooms with three beds each in the annex. The ample size of the house makes it possible for several families to share it comfortably while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Children will enjoy playing on the property, all 10,000 square metres of it, or they can go exploring in the surrounding woods and countryside. Bowling and mini-golf are available in Olofström, which can be reached in 15 minutes by car. Olofström also features an 18- hole golf course as well as a small beginner’s slope for junior skiers. If you require more challenging terrain, you’ll have to drive a bit further.

In Olofström you’ll find supermarkets that are open seven days a week until 9:00 pm, as well as a pharmacy, restaurants, and a branch of the Swedish “Systembolaget,” - a state owned shop where wine, beer, and spirits are sold.

Canoeing and fishing are unsurpassed!  Harasjömåla Kronofiska is a few minutes’ drive to the east and the house is within a stone's throw or two from the shores of Lake Immeln and all the connected lakes. Stora Nyteboda is a ten-minute walk from Lake Immeln, a lake where you can choose among several canoe rental outlets. You can either paddle on the lake itself or chose to explore one of the many streams that lead to other nearby lakes. In the surrounding forests there are an abundance of idyllic, unspoiled spots for picnicking. The house is located just half a mile from the nearest of the 20 or so lakes of Kronofiske Harasjömåla. This is a put-and-take fishing area where you will encounter rainbow trout, trout, pike and perch and also find a man-made stream, complete with current.  Fly-fishing, spin-fishing, angling, jigging and even ice-fishing. A veritable fisherman's paradise. The house is 4 miles (6 km) from Harasjømåla, which operates some of Sweden’s largest put-and-take ponds. Both fly fishing and fishing with bait are allowed in Harasjømåla’s ponds, and it’s also possible to fish in water with a swift current. Even the most demanding angler will find himself challenged here.

Of course you’ll want to take advantage of the many opportunities for hiking and walking in such a beautiful setting. The local authorities have created a network of marked hiking trails so you’ll find it easy to choose a route that suits you. You will only get lost if you want to!

And finally, we’d like to mention that this beautiful area has attracted so many artists that it can rightly be called an artists’ colony. There are potters, glassblowers and weavers as well as several galleries. See the many links on our website. You will soon see Stora Nytebota offers a wealth of possibilities. Unfortunately some of the links refer to pages in Swedish. 
We hope that you’ll take the opportunity to experience the wonderful house and its idyllic surroundings. We have provided this information about Stora Nyteboda to ensure that your stay will become as interesting and as comfortable as possible. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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Autumn 2005
Autumn 2005


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